Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
Unit Citation
The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm, was awarded to all members of the U.S. Armed Forces and other nations for
valorous achievment in combat during the Vietnam Conflict.

U.S. Military units were cited individualy for the award, however the Vietnamese Government issued the award to all units
subordinate to Military Assistance Command Vietnam during the period from February 8, 1962 to March 28, 1973 and to
U.S. Army Vietnam and it's subordinate units for the period July 20, 1965 to March 28, 1973. This action permits all military
personnel serving in Vietnam to wear the Vietnam Gallantry Cross unit citation

All personnel who were in the unit during the time period that the unit was awarded the RVN Gallantry Cross, may wear the
award at all times. Individuals not in the unit during the time period of the award can only wear the award while assigned to
the unit.

The RVN Gallantry Cross was established by the Vietnamese Government by Decree No. 74-b/Qt, dated August 15, 1950
and Decree No. 96/DQT/HC, dated May 2, 1952. Authorization for all U.S. Army personnel was confirmed in HDQA
General Orders No. 8, dated March 19, 1974. Authorization for all other miltary branches defers to the Army authorization

If the unit citation is not listed on your DD214, you can request an ammended document by submitting a
SF 180 (PDF) to the
National Personnel Records Command.

The Gallantry Cross is not issued by any U.S. Agency, but is available commercially.